We've Moved!


We've migrated our "Circling Facilitation Online Training Course" to a new online platform called Podia.

What does this mean for you?

We will need you to join on the new platform as the old platform (Teachery) will be discontinued very soon.

Once you sign up on Podia, we will cancel your old account with Teachery manually.

Migrate right away & you will:

Lock in your discounted rate of $20/mo

(as long as your memberships stays active - new/reinstated memberships are $45/mo)

Be entered to win your very own

Birthday Circle facilitated by Peter or Mark*

(scheduled at your convenience)


Hurry! This offer expires January 31, 2020

*We will be doing a random drawing on March 5, 2020 which will include all active members who migrated from our old platform by 2/29/2020. The winner will be invited to schedule an online Birthday Circle for themselves at their convenience (as facilitator's schedule allows). The circle must be scheduled by 9/30/2020. All active members of the platform will be invited to join the circle as a participant.