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Peter is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator. He is also an intimacy junkie, community builder and the founder of The Connection Institute -- an organization that teaches emotional and relational intelligence. Through coaching, classes, and workshops, Peter's clients learn to be more resilient, deepen their relationship with themselves, and develop their authentic communication skills. Outside of work, Peter enjoys contact improv, partner dancing and cooking delicious food.



Mark has been studying communication skills and the psychology of relationships and interpersonal dynamics for over a decade. By the time he was twenty-two, he had worked, traveled or volunteered on every continent of the globe, and had discovered a deep passion for understanding people. He stumbled upon Circling eight years ago, immediately fell in love with the practice, and has been facilitating and teaching relational practice ever since. He also works doing coaching and counseling with couples and individuals, and with teams and groups wanting to have more effective communication skills.



On a mission to bring people closer, Fei has dedicated her life and work to learning and teaching about connection. Authenticity, vulnerability, non-judgment, and ownership are some of Fei's core values that she brings to this practice. Her primary work as a cuddle therapist and intimacy coach has been deeply enriched by circling (and vice versa). Fei brings her appetite for relational exploration to her work with individuals, groups & professionals, helping them deepen their relationship with themselves and others. You'll find her facilitating connection everywhere she goes, but most particularly in Los Angeles, CA where she is based.



Brandi has enjoyed expanding her extensive inner meditation work to the world of Authentic Relating and Circling. What drives her is to think creatively about fusing together these practices as well as combining Circling with other practices. Brandi has a constant appetite for learning. She has evolved from Circling trainings and courses with The Circling Institute, Authentic Revolution, and The Connection Institute. Some other multi-week courses that she’s completed and have further informed her practice are courses in Non-Violent Communication, Mindful Self Compassion, and Attachment Theory. Brandi also regularly facilitates Circles for the Authentic Relating community in Portland, OR.



Jack Peterson is a heart-centered introvert on a mission to usher in a new paradigm of business leadership and conscious relationship. 

After starting his dream business with his wife 6 years ago, Jack was experiencing external success, yet on the inside he was struggling with depression and adrenal fatigue. It wasn’t until the day when his business AND marriage was on the brink of falling apart that he committed to designing a business and life he loves and is energized by. Jack and his wife lead a YouTube channel that has 3 million views worldwide, and enjoy living a global lifestyle with their 5-month old daughter in Bali, Australia, and California. 



Damian has a passion for people and exploring what is available in every moment. He loves the simplicity of living a life in connection with self and others. Damian considers one of his greatest relational strengths to be revealing his inner world when he’s feeling awkward or vulnerable (and he feels awkward writing this Bio). He thrives when working with others and enjoys facilitating Circling, AR games and Relational work. Damian also facilitates one on one Personal growth and Transformational work, as well as Men’s work exploring accountability, shadow, and presence. He finds pleasure in movement and embodiment and also delights in finding moments of slowness and stillness. Damian lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife and son. 



Rachel's love affair with communication and relational dynamics started when she was 23, as she began her recovery from social alcoholism. At 28 that she discovered circling and authentic relating - and it changed her life dramatically. After founding several startups, she now operates as a success coach for lawyers and dreams of bringing Circling to the working world.



Oren is passionate about helping people restore inner faith, be courageously vulnerable, connect deeply, and embody their desires, creativity, and joy.  He has trained in bodywork, Tantric counseling, the Completion Process, and facilitation. His process and facilitation work can be found at



Bio coming soon!



Whitney is a Transformational and Relational Coach and discovered Authentic Relating and Circling in Boulder, CO.  She has recently traveled through her own Dark Night of the Soul, unleashing an aliveness and freedom she had never imagined possible and inspiring others to have the courage to do the same.

She is currently writing a book about how Authentic Relating changed her deeply, transformed and saved her relationship, and simultaneously, dissolved her 20-year marriage in a caring, courageous way.


Whitney utilizes her AR skills both at home and at work and is most excited leveraging them with students who are in their high school to college and career transitions.  She previously coached and facilitated leadership and team-building programs with international teams and did marketing, sales and event planning in Latin America for both for-profit and non-profit entities. 

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Indigo Dawn (They/Them) is an impact-oriented love activist, who lives and works to cultivate a more abundant, humane, sustainable world.  They coach clients; offer touch therapy; and create events, workshops, and communities that change lives.  As the Program Director for Center for New Culture, Indigo spreads skills and mind-sets that support joyful relationships and communities– including open communication, emotional intelligence, radical compassion, and healthy boundaries. They co-create intentional community at Allegheny Crest Intentional Village; and within the DC metro region.



Garrett Rokosh is the Founder of Play Connect Dance which facilitates unconventional experiences that intentionally serve universal human needs for play, self-expression, authenticity, movement, touch, empathy, acceptance, belonging, emotional-safety, and community. He is passionate about authentic relating, acro yoga, climbing, meditation, and ecstatic dancing.


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