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1-on-1 Circling Sessions

all of you is Welcome

Journey with me to the evolving edge of the awareness you have of yourself...
who you really are...
what you're truly capable of...

With 1-on-1 Circling sessions, I will be your guide as we take an intentional exploration into your own experiences in a very loving, present way.

Circling is a powerful practice that is largely an inquiry into your being and your humanity. The main goal of Circling is to "be with".  It serves to help you welcome home all the different parts of your humanity that you have left behind or abandoned that now get in the way of you living a full, rich and fulfilling life. While this may sound like a simple concept, I wonder - when is the last time you felt truly seen by another in a way that made space for the parts of yourself that you usually fight or struggle with?In the Zen Theory of Change, it is said that things can only transform when they’re fully allowed

to be what they are. By being Circled, you're allowing the various parts of yourself to be welcomed, encouraged, and explored - just as they are.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can be done either in-person or by video call (Zoom).

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Want to learn more about the art & science of Circling facilitation and education?

I'm now offering our online training course including video lectures, online classes & circles, and more!