The Connection Institute

Offering training programs that deepen intimacy and relational connection.


We host weekly community gatherings, intensive retreats, and one-off workshops that focus on community-building skills, conscious communication, interpersonal attunement, group facilitation, conflict mediation and resolution, and depth psychological theory and practice with a group-oriented approach.

We Teach Circling

Circling (InterSubjective Meditation) is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, & group conversation

Meet Our Team

Peter Will Benjamin

Peter Will Benjamin, is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator. He is also an intimacy junkie, community builder and the founder of The Connection Institute -- an organization that teaches emotional and relational intelligence. Through coaching, classes, and workshops, Peter's clients learn to be more resilient, deepen their relationship with themselves, and develop their authentic communication skills. Outside of work, Peter enjoys contact improv, partner dancing and cooking delicious food.

Fei Wyatt

On a mission to bring people closer, Fei Wyatt has dedicated her life and work to learning and teaching about connection. Authenticity, vulnerability, non-judgment, and ownership are some of Fei’s core values that she brings to this practice. Her primary work as a cuddle therapist and intimacy coach has been deeply enriched by circling (and vice versa). Fei brings her appetite for relational exploration to her work with individuals, groups & professionals, helping them deepen their relationship with themselves and others. You’ll find her facilitating connection everywhere she goes, but most particularly in Los Angeles, CA where she is based.

Mark Boughton

Mark Boughton has been studying communication skills and the psychology of relationships and interpersonal dynamics for over a decade. By the time he was twenty two, he had worked, traveled or volunteered on every continent of the globe, and had discovered a deep passion for understanding people. He stumbled upon Circling eight years ago, immediately fell in love with the practice, and has been facilitating and teaching relational practice ever since. He also works doing coaching and counseling with couples and individuals looking to create more deep and intimate romantic relationships.

Rachel Whitworth

Ever since being introduced to the practices of Authentic Relating & Circling in 2016, Rachel has been passionate about sharing the practices with others. She regularly facilitates connection events & classes in the Philadelphia region all of which utilize the tools of Authentic Relating to help bring people together.

With a love of psychology and meditation along with a background in improv comedy, she brings a powerful mix of creativity, laughter and presence to the events whether she's participating or leading

What People

Are Saying

"I have already seen marked changes in my personal and professional relationships as I begin to use authentic communication learned through circling in my everyday interactions. Circling has truly been a lifeline to me."


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